Martello demoltiplatore idraulico per pietra da roccia Soosan Sb131, tipo scatola Per escavatori / attrezzature pesanti

Model No.
Soosan SB131 Box type
diam. scalpello
40 mm
peso operativo
2833 kg
modalità flusso olio
15-30 L/Min
pressione di esercizio
90-120 Kg/Cm2
peso del supporto
0.8-2.5 tonnellate
tipo scalpello
punto di moil/cuneo piatto/smussato
1 set
tempo di consegna
10-30 giorni
30% tt, 70% prima della spedizione
Pacchetto di Trasporto
Wooden Box
Codice SA
Capacità di Produzione
500 Sets Per Month
Prezzo di riferimento
$ 11,672.10 - 12,969.00

Descrizione del Prodotto

Soosan Concrete Rock Stone Hydraulic Breaker SB131 box type for Excavator / Heavy Equipment
Product Description

Hydraulic breaker is a powerful percussion hammer fitted to an excavator for demolishing concrete structures or rocks.
1. Mining: Mountain opening, mining, mesh crushing, secondary crushing;
2. Metallurgy: cleaning of ladle and slag, dismantling of furnace body and equipment foundation;
3. Railway: Mountain opening, tunnel excavation, road and bridge demolition, subgrade compaction;
4. Highway: highway repair, cement pavement breaking, foundation excavation;
5. Municipal Garden: concrete crushing, water, electricity, gas engineering construction, old city reconstruction;
6. Buildings: demolition of old buildings and crushing of reinforced concrete;
7. Ship: hull descaling and derusting;
8. Others: ice breaking, frozen soil breaking, sand mold vibration

Detailed Photos
Soosan Concrete Rock Stone Hydraulic Breaking Hammer Sb131 Box Type for Excavator / Heavy Equipment
Soosan Concrete Rock Stone Hydraulic Breaking Hammer Sb131 Box Type for Excavator / Heavy Equipment
Soosan Concrete Rock Stone Hydraulic Breaking Hammer Sb131 Box Type for Excavator / Heavy Equipment


Product Parameters
Chisel Dia165 mm
ModelBox type
Operating Weight2833 kg
Oil Flow Mode200-260 L/Min
Operating Pressure160-180 Kg/cm2
Carrier Weight30-45 tons
Payment30%TT,70% before shipment
Delivery time10-30 Days

We have the CE certificate
Soosan Concrete Rock Stone Hydraulic Breaking Hammer Sb131 Box Type for Excavator / Heavy Equipment

Packaging & Shipping
Soosan Concrete Rock Stone Hydraulic Breaking Hammer Sb131 Box Type for Excavator / Heavy Equipment

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Company Profile

For over a decade, we have been producing top-of-the-line breaking hammers for our headquarters. And now, we are thrilled to announce that we have been granted the license to export our products worldwide. As an authorized manufacturer of the prestigious Soosan brand in China, we are committed to upholding their unparalleled technology and innovation.

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We are constantly striving to improve our products, and have numerous design patents to show for it. Our hydraulic breakers are designed to fit small, medium, and large excavators, and boast an industry-leading strike force and durability.

We use only the highest quality steel and employ professional heat treatment technology, ensuring that each hydraulic breaker is crafted with precision and care. Our skilled workers are dedicated to producing the best possible product, and we are always looking for ways to better serve our global customers.

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